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Florence 25-26/11/2004

Dear Erik Partners, Dear Erik Associates,

as announced during the last Erik Study Visit in Gothenburg we would like to inform you that the ERIK Network is organizing an international conference on "The transition towards a knowledge based economy" to be held in Florence on the 25th and 26th of November, 2004. The conference will reflect upon the territorial dimension of innovative processes and the role of regional policies in the developing economy.

The aim of the conference is to analyze the new trends towards more globalised markets and increasing links between research, knowledge and technology, learn from government policy experiences and share best practices. It will examine promising new policy options to better link knowledge and business communities and help turning technologies into market opportunities. A particular focus will be put on policy initiatives to stimulate interfirm cooperation through business networks, on science/industry partnerships, on evaluation and benchmarking methods and to an analysis on the local effect of globalisation. Conference will bring together for the first time innovation policy officials and leading policy analysts at national and regional level from Europe as well as from America and Asia.

The conference is co-financed by Tuscany Region, ERIK Network and OECD, and is organized in close coordination with the Regional Policy DG.

The conference sessions will see the comparison among experiences from all levels, national and regional and a final Round Table on the 26th focused on the ""The transition towards a knowledge based economy".

In the next days on the Erik Network web-site you will find the registration form and some logistical information regarding the event and the Erik study Visit that will precede the conference.

For ay other information regarding the conference please don't hesitate to contact the Erik Staff at

Best Regards
The Erik Staff



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