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Ioannina, 28/9/2004.-

To all members of the
Certification Committee for
Financial and Progress Reports
Of the “ENTI” Program
Entrepreneurship through Innovation
In Epirus:
1. Ioannis Lambrou
2. Fotis Raptis

Notification: Vasilis Tampakis

THEME : Invitation in Meeting.


The Members of ĹĹFOA of the ENTI programm are invited to a Meeting that will take place at BIC of Epirus facilities (Science and Technology Park of Epirus, University Campus of Ioannina) on Thurstday 29/9/2020 at 12:00 a.m. , to discuss:

«Evaluation of technical offers that resulted from the proclamation for the entrusting of the programm «TECHNOLOGICAL PROSPECT INVESTIGATION IN THE REGION OF EPIRUS».

The qualified person for
the program Administration & Implementation

Mrs Katerina – Fillipou Keramida

Region of Epirus Europe BIC of Epirus