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Region of Epirus
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BIC of Epirus
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Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
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6 one-day workshops for the discussion of the results

1st Workshop (Thematic area: TOURISM)

"Demonstration of E-booking system, specified in tourism development, and training in the supporting software"

Download the Presentation of Dr. John Swarbrooke (ppt. 521kb)

2nd Workshop (Thematic area: TOURISM)

"Innovative products for tourist destinations’ management and development"

  • General aspects concerning the promotion of the tourist product of the region
  • Promotion of cultural resources and destinations (Museum and internet)
  • Destinations’ information management and marketing systems (DIMMS)
  • Basic principles for designing and implementation

3rd Workshop (Thematic area: TOURISM)

"Ways, a cluster in Tourism, may function in success"

Download the Presentation of Dr. John Swarbrooke (ppt. 247kb)

4th Workshop (Thematic area: TRANSPORTS)

"Methods of Effective Humans Resources Management in Transport Enterprises in the Region of Epirus"

Download the Presentation of Dr. Ioannis Paravantis (pdf. 129kb)

5th Workshop (Thematic area: ICT)

"Good Practices in the usage of Information Society by enterprises"

Download the Presentation of Dr. Dimitrios Fotiadis (ppt. 346kb)

6th Workshop (Thematic area: TOURISM)

"Σήμα Υπευθυνότητας"

Download the Presentation of Παύλου Δόικου, Παν/μιο Αιγαίου

7th Workshop (Thematic area: TRANSPORTS)

"Μεταφορές & Τεχνολογική Καινοτομία"

Download the Presentation of Ιωάννη Παραβάντη, Καθηγητής Τμήματος Εκπαίδευσης Τεχνολογίας και Ψηφιακών Συστημάτων, Παν/μιο Πειραιά

8th Workshop (Thematic area: ICT)

"Ευρυζωνικές Υπηρεσίες & Δίκτυα για ΜΜΕ σε Περιφερειακό Επίπεδο"

Download the Presentation of Δημήτρη Φωτιάδη, Καθηγητής Τμήματος Πληροφορικής, Παν/μιο Ιωαννίνων
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