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Supporting 60 entrepreneurial ideas or entrepreneurs to expose and activate their ideas.

A Business Planning supporting

The final choices of the entrepreneurs who will be supported by the project have been based on some important criteria which are mainly concern: Business idea viability, innovation performance, growth rates, company size, and companies’ tendency to receive direct economic support via the existing funding programs.

26 business plans had been elaborate

B. Entrepreneurs participation in Trade Fairs

The BIC of Epirus supported the participation of five local innovative enterprises in 5th Commercial Trade Fair of Thesprotia-Epirus (5/5/2020).

The BIC of Epirus supported the participation of two local innovative enterprises in Commercial Trade Fair of Preveza-Epirus (10/7/2020).

The BIC of Epirus supported the participation of two local innovative enterprises in 8th Hellenic Commercial Trade Fair of Arta-Epirus (27/9/2020).

IndAGRA 2004, Bucharest - 3-7 November 2004

Participants List

The trade mission organised by the Chamber of Ioannina, its members being enterprises of Epirus, comprises an ambitious attempt which, nevertheless, does not deprived of historical basis.

It was during the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century that the bright minds of Epirus, tradesmen of Ioannina, took advantage of the United Economic Area, that is Austria and Hungary, Tschekoslovakia and Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania, Latvia and Esthonia and the Otoman Empire.

It was in these countries that the Epirus tradesmen achieved great things. Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest – Novi Sad – Belgrade – Bucharest –the roads of Danube- the countries bordering on the Danube and Odessa have recorded the up to today business activity of the great Benefactors of Epirus. The people of Epirus have recorded business as well as religious heritage in the Eastern European contries.

The enlargement of the EU towards the east under the umbrella of Brussels creates a new economic area which constitutes a challenge for the businesses of Epirus and opens anew the trade roads which were exploited by our ancestors, Maraslis, the Zosimades, Rizaris and others.

The Trade Mission organised by the Chamber of Ioannina, for the participation at the International Trade Fair “IndAGRA 2004” in Bucharest, is considereded very important for the businesses of Epirus. The “Indagra – Expo Drink – All pack” in Bucharest is one of the largest Trade Fairs in the area of agricultural equipment, food-drinks and packaging. The previous Trade Fair covered an exhibit area of 30.000 m2 and 520 businesses from 30 countries participated.

The Sectoral International Trade Fair “IndAGRA”, is one of the largest in the Balkans. The “IndAGRA 2004” will take place on 3-7 November 2004 at the Interanational Exhibition Centre ROMEXPO in Bucharest.

The Trade Mission from Epirus is comprised of 31 businesses which are activated in the sectors of Food-Drink, Packaging and machinery. They will exhibit their products in a stand, set up by the Chamber of Ioannina, covering an area of 73 m2 in the “A” sector of the Exhibition Centre.

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