Strategic planning of the Regional initiatives in order to support the potential new born entrepreneurial challenges

An Innovation Scoreboard Study was produced for the first time, presenting the Innovation Trends are shown for the Region of Epirus. These trends came up after a close study on the European Results Board for Innovation (European Innovation Scoreboards) as well as other scientific studies both National and International organizations in relevant issues.

The result of this effort was the selection and creation of 19 Innovation Ratios for the Region of Epirus which were classified in 4 basic categories:
A) Production System Ratios (7 Ratios)
? Population,
? GDP per Capita,
? Occupation,
? Unemployment,
? Occupation per Sector,
? Occupation Financial Activity,
? Exports per Product.
¬) Human Resources Ratios (4 Ratios)
? Third grade Education employees (15 years of age and under),
? Occupation in Science & Technology Services (R&D),
? Occupation in Science Knowledge & Technology Services (R&T),
? Research and Development Personnel.
C) Knowledge Ratios (5 Ratios)
? Total Research & Development Expenditure (R&D),
? Business Expenditure on Research & Development (R&D),
? Education Institutions on Research & Development Expenditure (R&D),
? Expenditure of Research State Institutions on Research & Development (R&D),
? Patent Diplomas Applications.
D) Innovation Development Ratios (3 Ratios)
? New Enterprises per Financial Activity Category,
? Innovative SMEs in Manufacture,
? Innovative Enterprises.

The ratios for the Region of Epirus were compared to the equal ratios of:
? The rest 12 Greek regions,
? The EU and itís members,
? Targeting to the Region categorization and evaluation of the trends.


Draft of the Study (PDF format - 586kb)