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Visiting Schemes for Business Angels and Corporate Investors


The purpose of this sub action was the attempt to attract potential business Angels and Corporate Investors to the region and promote international relations and networking within potential investors mainly on the broad topics of ICT, tourism and transport networks. Two visiting schemes have taken place whereas the preparatory work was be supported by working groups and Innovation Policy Interface Committee. The duration of each visiting scheme was one day.

Visiting Schemes

1st Venture Capital Forum (21/3/2021)
Presentation of:
Venture Capital in Greece and the role of New Economy Fund (TA.NE.O.),
The role of Business Angels and Corporate Investors in the promotion of private financing.
Proof of Concept A tool for the improvement of the process of better exploitation of research results.
Services and products of six private venture capital funds.

2nd Venture Capital Forum (16/5/2020 - 2nd day of Innovation Week)
Presentation of:
Regional Economies & Innovation Policy.
New Economy Enterprises and Venture Capital.
New entrepreneurial Actions through Public - Private sector partnership.
Trade Zones: Tools for development on Regional Level.
First Tourism Cluster in Epirus.


Within the completion of the two Visiting Schemes a concrete Report was submitted to the Steering Committee presending the outcomes of the 2 Venture Capital Forums as well as describing how the opportunity provided by the Visiting Schemes will be used.

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