Selection Criteria establishment and selection procedures of the participating SMEs

The study describes the selection criteria for the enterprises of Epirus that will paricipate in the developement of the e-commerce portal as well as the selected –according to the above-mentioned criteria- participating enterprises.

The criteria of choice are the following:

More than 1000 small to medium-size enterprises of the Region of Epirus, have been informed for this project via electronic mail, fax and in some cases even by phone. Besides the efforts made, the media of Epirus were indifferent for the project and electronic commerce in total. Additional few of the companies that were nitially interested, no longer maintain a web page ( which is a main choice criteria). That is the reason why a new deadline has been set: for those companies who wish to participate in the project , they should develop a commercial web page by the end of first half-year period of 2004.

The main goal of the project: “35-40 enterprises should participate” has not been achieved by the end of the first phase. Therefore actionline 4.2 will remain active until the required number of enterprises will be reached..

The hesitant behavior of the enterprises of Epirus was expected after the results of study which took place during actionline 4.1. This hesitation underlines the need of such a project for Epirus in order to overcome the mistrust or indifference that both enterprises and consumers hold against electronic commerce.