Analysis of the e-commerse portal and related services requirements

The User Requirements Analysis was completed in a timely manner on May 2004 of the original workprogramme. An extensive user survey has been conducted with the cooperation and precious assistance of enterprises of the Epirus Region. However the small number (less than 10) of enterprices that participate at the project can not give us an holistic view for the user requirments analysis . As a result, a lot of features included in the requirment analysis was based on our experience on e-commerse services. However since it is extremely difficult to understand each enterprise different needs the action will remain active and wil be furtherreviewed in the future as new enterprises hopefully will show willingness to participate in the project.

Conclusively the results of the user requirements analysis emphasized the necessity of the Internet for enabling enterprises (especially in isolated places such as the Region Of Epirus) to communicate, transfer information and sell products to costumers around the world.