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Innovation Policy Interface Committee

The Innovation Policy Interface Committee (ÉPIC) is a working group consisting of 15 high profile innovation policy experts (Members). The membership has been selected according to the criteria of their ability to link innovation theory, policy approaches and the legal and regulatory framework.

In practical terms, the ÉPIC is using its collective experience to benchmark and validate the projects’ forthcoming synergies for entrepreneurship, to combine the policies being an advisory tool for the region. A key aim for the ÉPIC members is to identify and illuminate new trends and developments in the dynamic relationship between innovation policy and the regulatory framework.

A variety of profiles have been sought in order to ensure sufficient depth and breadth of complementary knowledge and experiences within the membership. Thus the ÉPIC’s membership includes members from:

  • The policy-making community to advice on the interactions between policy makers and institutions in the formulation of innovation and related policies.
  • The academic community to bring insight into theories of innovation policy.
  • Interface bodies to discuss the framework of actors, institutions and processes, including financing, within which innovating SMEs have to operate.

The outputs of the project are refined through the meetings of the Committee. The sub working groups are acting as the foundation for on-going task-based co-operation between the study team (Sub Action 7.1.1.) and the High level working group members. In addition the working groups are participating in the data & information collection on an on going basis. The areas of work involve Employment, Training, Technology Infrastructures and Investment activities.

During Committee's operation three integrated Reports were produced (period 2003-2004, 2005, 2006) in order to validate provisional findings and provide options and suggestions for further consideration in the framework of the study’s objectives.


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