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Ioannina, 20/02/2021

To all Members
Of the Management Unit
for the “ENTI” Program
“Entrepreneurship through Innovation”
in Epirus:

  1. Ioannis Lambrou
  2. Fotis Raptis
  3. Thanasis Mantalovas
  4. Dimitris Fotiadis

THEME: 2nd meeting of the Management Unit for the “ENTI” program

All members of the Management Unit for the “ENTI” program are invited to the 2nd meeting which will take place at BIC of Epirus facilities (Science and Technology Park of Epirus, University Campus of Ioannina), on Monday March the 1st at 15:00 p.m. to discuss:

  1. Further action lines relative to the 3 working groups coordinators,
  2. Offers evaluation on further actions.

The qualified person for
the program Administration & Implementation

Mrs Katerina – Fillipou Keramida

Region of Epirus Europe BIC of Epirus