• RIS of Epirus  (Regionl Innovation Strategy)
    • ADAPT (Small - Medium sized enterprises and Electronic Trade)
    • Leonardo Da Vinci (DGXII - Continuing Eurotraining for Greek Confectioners)
    • ECIP (Partenariat meetings of Epirotian and Cyprus Enterprises)
    • Recite II Finestra project


Project: ERDF - Article 10
Title: RIS of Epurus (Regional Innovation Strategy of Epirus)
Financing : 500 KECU Duration: 1999 -2000
Undertaker : Region Epirus

Subcontractor: BIC of Epirus with the support of the University of Ioannina

Summary: 1) Diffusion of Innovation in the business sector of the Region 2) Development of a strategy for the introduction of innovation in the enterprises of Epirus.

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Project: ADAPT
Title: SME and Electronic Commerce

Financing : 89,4 million drs (265 KECU)
Financing for the BIC of Epirus: 3,6 million drs (10,6 KECU)

Duration: 1999 -2000

Contactor : Greek Telecommunication Organization S.A. (OTE S.A)

Region of Epirus,
The University of Ioannina,
BIC of Epirus,
Systema Informatics Ltd,
Prooptiki S.A.

Summary: Applications of the Electronic Trade to the SME.

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Project: Leonardo Da Vinci (DGXII)
Title: Continuing Training for Greek. Confectioners in a European Context.
Financing: 35.2 KEURO Duration: 1998
Undertaker: The Syndicate of Confectioners of the Prefecture of Ioannina.

Coordinator: BIC of Epirus
Partners: Callebaut, Belgium Braun, Germany.

Summary: Efforts to improve the Continuing training methods, the business planning and the external picture of the confectioner’s sector with the support and how in a European context.

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Project: ECIP
Title: Partenariat meetings of Epirotian and Cyprus Enterprises fishing agriculture and Related Activities and Agro – food Industry.
Financing : 75579 ECU Duration: 1996 -2000
Undertaker : BIC of Epirus

Partner: Chamber of Commerce of Cyprus

Summary: The aim of the specific action is to encourage professional associations of the area of Epirus, Greece to search for projects and identify potential partners for joint ventures in Cyprus. The sector where potential joint venture activity will be instigated is fishing agriculture and Related Activities and Agro – food Industry.

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Program: Recite II – Article 10
Title:  Finestra project (Innovative actions of public and private partnership at the regional and interregional level)
Budget:  3.38 Ìeuro (2.27 Meuro ÅÔÐÁ), for Epirus 280.000 euro Duration: 2000 – 2001
Project coordinator: Europrogetti & Finanza (Region of Epirus. main partner in Epirus)

Partners: Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Compostela (E), Futura La Corse Technopolitaine (F), Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IRL), Centro de Informacao Emrpesarial do vale do Ave (P), Regione dell’Umbria (I).  Local partners of the program in Epirus: BIC of Epirus - University of Ioannina - Epirus S.A.  

Summary:  This public/private partnership aims to promote and develop SMEs in the framework of local development through: research into innovative forms of cooperation between the public and private sectors; helping SMEs to access financial resources; and pilot trials to test the feasibility and efficiency of potential cooperation arrangements.

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