EPIRUS FOUNDRIES SA is a modern "investment casting" foundry which has been established on 1982, in the area of Epirus (NW Greece), with 70 employees in a convered area of 3500 sq meters.
It is working as a sub-contractor for all sectors of industry on its ability of high precision castings, of any geometric design and any quality in steel and stainless steel materials, from 2 grams up to 10 kilos, to large quantities in short time.
Two technologies are established into Epirus Foundries
  • Investment Casting Proccess (Feinguss) and
  • Shell Moulding Proccess (Kroning - Maskenformguss)
A great part of Epirus Foundries production is already exported to Europian Union and U.S.A., specially in the following areas of industry:
  • Telecommunications
  • Air space Crafts
  • Electromechanics
  • Machines and Tools
  • Automobiles and Parts
  • Pumb Industries
  • Othes Industries