The European Union, and the Greek government, up to now, is supporting small and medium enterprises only of the primary and secondary sector (new and existing SMEs).

These programs are co-financing in the form of a grant or in the form of incentives, the cost of the investment required.

The programs do not co-finance operational costs, cash flow etc.

The basic categories of co-funding are:

  1. Building costs
  2. Machinery and equipment costs
  3. Specific “soft” actions like promotion activities, business plan, quality control, marketing plan etc.

The new Greek investment law 2601/98 covers all sectors of activities mainly of the secondary sector (for new and existing SMEs). This program accepts application at any time of the year, and it is implemented by the REGION IN EPIRUS (Mr. Fotis Raptis, director of planning and development, tel. / fax: 003 0651 26639).

In the primary sector the main programs which co-finance investments on a year basis is the LAW 866. This program is implemented by the agriculture ministry and its local bureaus.

The rest of the programs accept applications at specific intervals during the six years period of any European Structural Fund such as the Leader program, the Interreg , the SME initiative etc. When the 3rd structural fund will be in place, in year 2000, the programs that will be “activated” for the years 2000 to 2007 will be known, as well as the sectors of activities and the kind of SMEs to which they will reffer to..