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Business Innovation Center of Epirus

ΒICs (Business Innovation Centres) are centers operating in order to contribute to the local economic development and mainly to all low E.U. developed areas or industrial zones. The creation of an E.C. BIC is highly based upon the public and private sectors cooperation as well as the support of “Local Partners”.

All E.C BICs are connected through EBN (European BICs Network), a major network aiming at the operation support for each BIC and to ensure a constant cooperation among them. The first BIC was founded in Belgium (1983) while today nearly 150 BICs exist.

Five BICs operate in Greece today. These are : BIC of Attica, BIC of Epirus, BIC of Larisa, BIC of Patras and BIC of Serres.

BIC of Epirus was founded at the end of 1996 and its funding, for the first 18 months, was partially (50%) through E.U. and 50% through Local Partners. Since then. BIC of Epirus is a self funded non – profit organization.

The aim of Centre is: “The promotion of activities regarding a Development Centre for Innovative Enterprises, at no expense”. This aim is achieved through the provision of innovative services to local enterprises and bodies.

The Centre’s actions are focused on:

  • Awareness and information spread to existed enterprises
  • Cooperation among bodies
  • Support of entrepreneurship through EU and National Programs and Initiatives.



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