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BIC of Epirus occupies 4 people.

Katerina Filippou - Keramida : Managing Director, Economist

Amalia Tzimogianni : Business Consultant - Responsible for Business Support, BA Hons Business Administration

Alexia Gidari : Financial Assistance, Commercial Companies Expert

Konstantina Economou : Secretariat, Tourism Industry.

Katerina Filippou - Keramida
Economist Managing Director BIC of Epirus

Amalia Tzimogianni
Business Administration ΒΑ Hons
Alexia Gidari
Technical Assistance
Konstantina Oikonomou

BIC of Epirus occupies on regular basis graduates from the University of Ioannina Informatics Dept. Additionally, according to its needs, BIC of Epirus cooperates with a number of external associates.


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