P a n e l c o n


Ioannina Industrial Zone  45500

Tel :+30 651 57603

Fax: +30 651 57169


Contact Person:

Mr. Koutras



Company's  Profile:

Year of Establishment: 1994

Number of Employees: 18

Gross sales: 500.000 USD ( average increase of sales 60% per year, for the last three years)

Product Capacity: 6 cubic meter of solid wood panel per day per shift (the company operates with one shift per day. The product capacity can increase with the addition of a second shift, if needed.

Exporting Capacity: the company is exporting more than 80% primarily in Germany, Sweden

Product Quality: The wood panels produced are 80% from HARD WOODS i.e beech and oak. These are the panels mostly used for the manufacturing of stairs, kitchen tops and tables, everywhere in Europe. The rest 20% is from SOFT WOODS i.e cherry, pine sprucs.

Glue Type: category B4

Surface quality : AB & BB

Product Dimensions: Length: up to 3 meters     Width: up to 1.3 meters

Thickness: 15 to 60 mm

The dimensions are based on customers' needs

Delivery Conditions: CIF in Europe, 6 to 8 weeks delivery times, accepted monetary Dim or any other European.




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