Business Directory of Region of Epirus
  Seminar (November 1999 - February 2000)
  2nd Interregional Cooperation Subgroup meeting (30 March 2021)
  Working Groups (RIS Programe) 




As part of the pilot project of the program, the first business directory of the 170 biggest manufacturing SMEs of the Epirus regin will be published by the BIC, until the end of November 1999. The companies are grouped by location and sector of activities (financial and informational data for every company).

Copies of the directory will be available at the Epirus’ BIC: Mrs. Athanasia Chrysafi.

The data of the directory will soon be available at:

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“Innovation and the modernization of local SMEs”

A series of four seminars implemented in fall 1999 and winter 2000. (one in each prefecture of the region)

FIRST SEMINAR: 14th of November, 1999 Ioannina Chamber of Commerce
SECOND SEMINAR: 18th of December, 1999 Arta Hotel Byzantino
THIRD SEMINAR: 16th of January, 2000 Igoumenitsa Chamber of Commerce
FOURTH SEMINAR: January, 2000    

For more information in the link: Seminars & Conferences

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2nd Interregional Cooperation Subgroup meeting on 30th of March 2000

The second meeting of the above subgroup of the RIS/RITTS European network will take place in Ioannina on the 30th of March 2000. The goal of the group is to propose best practices on interregional co-operation for innovating business development.

The third meeting interregional co-operation subgroup took place in Bremen, Germany on October 18th, 2000.
The result of the subgroups productive meetings during 1999 - 2000 was the formation of 5 thematic network proposals submitted to the corresponding call for tenders of D.G. enterprise.
These proposals are:
1) How to facilitate  internationalisation of SMEs? (ESN Thematic Network).
2) How to promote an Innovation Culture at the regional level? (ICTN Thematic Network).
3) How to develop an innovation identity at the regional level?(STRINNOP Thematic Network).
4) How to raise the awareness of E-business issues amongst SMEs?(EFORNET Thematic Network).
5) How to utilise innovation reinforce the development of a promising europeean sector such as tourism? (INNOTOUR Thematic Network).

Photo: Dr. Dimitris Skalkos (project manager of Epirus' RIS) congratulates Jean Severijns for his contribution to the sub-group as chairman.

For more information on the RIS/RITTS subgroups, the specific group etc. see:

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In order to:

.  Analyze the main technological and industrial trends in key sectors affecting the region’s economic development, 

.  Propose innovative actions which will assist the development of these sectors (part of the regional innovative strategy of the region’s-end result of the RISof Epirus’ program)

working groups of experts have been organized in the following sectors of activities:

These working groups have been created during the second part of 1999, and have been meeting, since then  (pilot phase).  These groups, expanded with more participants, will be meeting systematically during the year 2000, and the years after.  All 6 groups will meet at the same place three times, during the first quarter of 2000:

First meeting in Metsovo, Ioannina, 26 & 27th of February
Second meeting in Igoumenitsa (middle of March)
Third meeting in Preveza (beginning of April)

 For more information see: link: working groups at the ris website

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