tik.gif (96 bytes)   Business Directory of Epirus' Manufacturing SMEs
tik.gif (96 bytes)   Business Data Base (all regional companies)
tik.gif (96 bytes)   Studies on Regional Development (since 1990)



a. Business Directory of Epirus' Manufacturing SMEs

As par of the pilot projects of the program, the first business directory of the 170 biggest manufacturing SMEs of the region has published by the BIC (1000 copies). This is the first such directory ever published in the region!!!
The companies are grouped by location and sector of activities in the directory (financial data, together with general information is available for every company). The directory is in two languages in Greek and in English.
The data of the directory is also available at the internet side:
(placed in a number of search engines)

Front page of the catalog

The internet site is open to new registrations by the companies interested to fill out the data form (special form available for completion by the BIC). 
The goal of this effort is to assist the companies towards the familiarity with the internet use, and the electronic commerce.

The scope of this project is to assist the regional companies in their effort to open up to the international markets.

For the purpose of presenting the web site to the entrepreneurs, encouraging them to use the intrnet and to set up their own web site, a number of presentations are organized in town, villages, since the beginning of 2000, with additional topics as well, such as:
A. The national law for incentives N. 2601
B. The web site directory
C. Innovation and innovation applications for modern entrepreneurial activities

Meeting in Filiates, Thesprotia, in January, 12th, 2000


b. Business Data Base (all regional companies)

Information on more than 2500 regional companies has been included in this data base, which can be found at:
The companies have been grouped per perfecture of operation and sector/kind of activity (more than 10 different types of activity are included). Information for each company includes name, address, production, employees, year of establishment, financial data etc. The data base is available in CD-ROM, uppon special request and it is in greek only.

c. Studies on Regional Development (since 1990)

A data base which includes more than 350 studies has been formed (in greek). Information on each study includes title, summary, responsible organization, subject - category etc. This data base is available in the greek site of this link. A library with 250 hard copies of these 350 studies has been organized in the BIC headquaters. The data base and the copies are available for use by every person or organization in the region. It is also available in CD-ROM, uppon special request.