Ioannina, 14th of November, 1999:
Twenty five (25) entrepreneurs and managers attended the seminar (forty five participants had express interest)

Arta, 18th of December, 1999:
Seventeen (70) participants in the seminar

Igoumenitsa, 16th of January, 2000:
Thirteen (30) participants

Preveza, 29th of January, 2000:
Seventeen 917) participants

The seminars in the town outside of Ioannina, were organized in collaboration with the prefectures and the chambers of each prefecture (see poster announcement)

The participant, based on the evaluation form filled at the end of each seminar, found the seminar extremely interesting and "truly innovative for the Epirus' region". They were absolutely satisfied with the content of the seminar, with the knowledge and the experience of the tutor, Dr. K. Masmanidis, and with his way of presenting the subjects. Many of the participants requested the organization of both such seminars, directed specifically for entrepreneurs, exclusively now on specialized subjects of innovations such as marketing, business planning, total quality control, etc.