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Innovation & Enterprises

Innovation must be the keystone of all the activities under taken in the various sectors of enterprises, both at the initial and last stages of goods production and services. (Green Paper on Innovation). Innovation is not only the process but also its results.

Innovation, as a process, is the way by which it is conceived and put into practice (creativity, marketing, research and development, planning, production and distribution etc).

Innovation, as a result, is the new product, method or service delivered by the company.

Innovation is not necessarily a synonym of high technology, despite the fact that it is continuously introduced in industrial equipment, materials, software and methods.

Innovation is mostly a result of new combinations of known data, of new users or even of the creativity put forward when producing various goods.

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The European Experience:

Two basic conclusions drawn by the fifth periodical report on ‘the social and economic state of the Regions’ are:

According to the Green Paper on Innovation, enterprises and the European Authorities must:

  1. Direct their efforts towards enhancing their competence to convert technological inventions into a commercial success and
  2. Finance, in an efficient way, “soft investments” which are of crucial importance for the future of competitiveness, development and employment.

The RIS project was established by the European Commission in order to help regions adopt and incorporate innovative actions more efficiently, providing thus a framework for innovative policies at a regional level.


Basic Features

The RIS projects financed by Article 10 of DGXVI, Regional Policy and Cohesion, have three key features:


Objectives and Actions

The RIS projects of Epirus has two main objectives:

The structure of the project comprises activities such as the following:

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The RIS program is financed and assessed by the DG 16th of the E.C. and the Greek Ministry of Finance. The projects that will be proposed for the development of innovation can be materialized after the end of the program, with the economic aid of the 3rd REGIONAL STRUCTURAN FUND.

The steering - Committee, the Management Unit, the Process Consultant, the Experts and the Work Groups make up the organizational structure of the project.:


THE STEERING COMMITTEE has the overall control of the project. It consists of the General Secretary of the Region of Epirus, representatives of the four Prefectures, the four Chambers, the University of Ioannina, the TEI of Epirus and the BIC of Epirus. President of the Committee is Mr. D. Kaloudiotis, General Secretary of the Region.

THE MANAGEMENT UNIT ensures the daily support and implementation of the project, according to the program. It consists of representatives of the General Secretariat of Epirus, the University of Ioannina and the BIC of Epirus. The subcontractor is the BIC OF EPIRUS with the support of the University of Ioannina.

Members of the Management Unit

Raptis fotis Region of Epirus
Skalkos Dimitris BIC of Epirus
Filippou Katerina BIC of Epirus
Fotiadis Dimitris University of Ioannina
Mpakouros Ioannis University of Thessali

The Management Unit is surrounded by the Consultant, the Experts and the European Network RIS & RITTS. The Process Consultant of the Project is Dr. I. Bakouros, Assistant Professor of the University of Thessaly.

THE WORKING GROUPS deal with the needs each business sector has for innovative activities. They consist of experienced businessmen and representatives of various organizations.

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The Region of Epirus is one of the 5 Regions that the European Committee chose for the implementation of the RIS projects, for the years 1999-2000. Todate, 21 Regions have successfully materialized similar projects (1994 - 1996 and 1997 - 1998). All the Regions are members of the RIS - RITTS Network. The actions undertaken by the Network are:

Whenever the RIS - RITTS projects is materialized incentives are given in order to realize the real needs of the region and create an efficient network where the supply and demand of innovation will be totally compatible.

The RIS Network aims at transferring the known - how among the various regions, the formation of a climate of unanimity and muhial trust, the tackling of problems and the achievement of goods.


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