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Welcome to the official web site of the Regional Innovative Actions under the ERDF 2000-2006

ENTI: ENtrepreneurship Through Innovation in Epirus

The program

The overall E.U. strategy aims at the reinforcement of the European economy competitiveness and innovation based on knowledge. <continue>

Working Groups

Pilot Actions

Innovation Policy Interface Committee

As innovation is a key factor for the development and implementation of a large part of the Structural Funds and operational programs in Greece, there is a necessity to network such activities and results.


The objective of this pilot action is the development of an e-commerce facility in the region of Epirus, assist 35-40 enterprises

Venture Capital Forums

Links to Regional Innovative Actions Programs

EN.T.I. - ENtrepreneurship Through Innovation in Epirus

Invent - Innovative Ventures in Thessaly

N.A.I.A.S - North Aegean Innovative Action & Support

R.I.P.E. - Regional Innovation Program for the Peloponnese

ARI-ACT - Information Society for the Quality of Life in the Region of Attica


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Innovation Week

Venture Capital Forum

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