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The meaning of Innovation in the new economy based on knowledge is unexceptionable. Innovation is considered today as the most important parameter for development, in a national level as well as in the business, while it tends to become a first priority in all nations policies. The differences in competitiveness and GDP observed among national economies may, in a way, to be attributed in various levels of innovative activity and development.

Innovation is defined as “the use of a new knowledge in order to produce and provide a new product or a new service that customers desire”. Innovation may refer to a new product or service, their production patterns or technology used, as well as an administrative procedure or organizational structure (internally or externally in relation to the customers or suppliers). An Innovative action may be radical, or gradual (according to the change rate in existed abilities of a business).

The factors examination effort that contribute to the innovation activity development is of high importance, due to the fact that attempts to answer in two main questions: 1. The reason why economies manage – compared to others – better performances in innovation areas? 2. The reason why the intense of innovation production is concentrated in small amount of countries while scientific and technological knowledge is scattered.




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