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Pilot Actions

Innovation Policy Interface Committee

As innovation is a key factor for the development and implementation of a large part of the Structural Funds and operational programs in Greece, there is a necessity to network such activities and results.

The proposed overall program for Epirus aspires to promote innovative entrepreneurial activities in the region. This implies that will not only look into the future through the foresight initiative and the new investment opportunities it will also use existing action lines supporting innovation from other programs.

Synergies for entrepreneurship can be created though an effective combination of policies. As a result the creation of an Innovation Policy Interface Committee may become and advisory tool for the region. Its work will be to combine information and act as a filter in order to avoid duplication of actions or to stress needs. The role will be only advisory. more...


The objective of this pilot action is the development of an e-commerce facility in the region of Epirus, assist 35-40 enterprises in order to introduce e-commerce into their activities, and pave the way of introducing e-commerce among the enterprises of the region at a broader scale. The pilot action is proposed her stems from the RIS Strategy of the region, and complements with the action plan of the region for Information Society program, that will also be funded through the CSF 2000 – 2006. more...


Results of the Action

1st Venture Capital Forum

1st Phase:

Presentation of:

  • Venture Capital in Greece and the role of New Economy Fund (TA.NE.O.),
  • The role of Business Angels and Corporate Investors in the promotion of private financing.
  • Proof of Concept – A tool for the improvement of the process of better exploitation of research results.
  • Services and products of six private venture capital funds.

2nd Phase

17 preliminary meetings were taken place in Science and Technology Park of Epirus among pre-selected local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in order to investigate the potentialities of funding “dynamic” business ideas.

2nd Venture Capital Forum

The 2nd Forum took place in the second day of Innovation Week (16/ 05/06)

1st Phase: (Presentations)

Presentation of:
• Regional Economies & Innovation Policy.
• New Economy Enterprises and Venture Capital.
• New entrepreneurial Actions through Public - Private sector partnership.
• Trade Zones: Tools for development on Regional Level.
• First Tourism Cluster in Epirus.

2nd Phase

1 meeting took place in Science and Technology Park of Epirus among a local entrepreneur and a greek venture capital fund, who have already met during the 1st VC Forum, in order to define the business cooperation framework.




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