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Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

The region of Epirus has been for a long time or the side of economic development. This implies low level of entrepreneurial activities and investment opportunities as well as non-effective innovation culture. Technology transfer and technology investment has been at the minimum while the development of the services sector has been focused on simple support companies on computer equipment. In addition, economic interaction with the neighbouring countries is non-existence as in the case of Albania or lower that expected as in the case of Italy with the exception of the tourism industry.

The whole map is changing now and the expectations for new investment and entrepreneurial opportunities are high. The new set of structural funds is expected to boost new entrepreneurial activities through the creation of new infrastructures. Such infrastructures are the post of Igoumenitsa, the new “Egnatia highway” that links Epirus with Northern Greece is, Macedonia and Thrace. At the same time the new highway that will be extended up to Patras and named “Ionian Road” will make Epirus the easy gate to all directions in Greece. In parallel to those infrastructures the University of Epirus is expanding and the Technology Park of Epirus is starting to operate close to the University, adding some more opportunities in hosting new enterprises.

The action wants to highlight the new business opportunities mainly in the services sector stemming out of these new developments. The purpose is to highlight the new potential entrepreneurial activities that currently active companies, outside the region investors, or new entrepreneurs can be involved. The action will be divided into two sub actions:

Sub – action 1.1

Study and analytical work on the business opportunities and entrepreneurial challenges in three main areas.

  1. Entrepreneurship through new transport Networks (ENTRA)
  2. Entrepreneurship in Tourism (ENTOUR)
  3. Entrepreneurship in through information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) (ENICT)

The sub action will deliver a report with all results and details on the SWOT analysis that will be performed in the above key areas. The report will be used for the support of pilot sub action 7.1.2.
Sub action 7.1.1 will be based on the forecasts of the short and medium term development of the region in those areas, the expected results from the implementation of the structural funds, key examples from other European regions with some similar characteristics like the case of Rotherham, Barcelona and Marseille.
The study will support also as an input to all the following actions and will propose specific action lines to be followed. BIC, the Federation of new entrepreneurs and the University of Epirus will be coordinate each one of the actions. Local chambers and development companies will participate in the working groups to be created and will facilitate the awareness actions proposed in sub-action 7.1.2

Sub action 1.2

Pilot action for the support of new entrepreneurial activities

The results have to be implemented. The pilot work will consist of the following activities:
Organisation of 6 one-day workshops for the discussion of the results – Pilot application and discussion of the proposals with entrepreneurs from Epirus and the rest of Greece. New business opportunities assessment.

  1. Development of a business plan competitition in the three areas. The best business plans will be supported concerning finding financing opportunities and networking with potential investors.
  2. Creation of networked clusters of companies and potential entrepreneurs in the relevant sectors acting as working groups for the identification of business opportunities and more efficient attraction of private capital. Cluster results and activities report.
  3. Strategic planning of the Regional initiatives in order to support the potential new born entrepreneurial challenges.
  4. Guide on new employment opportunities
  5. Helping at least 60 entrepreneurial ideas or entrepreneurs to expose and activate their ideas.
  6. Organisation of a major conference on Innovative business opportunities in Epirus

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas:
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2 :

Groups targeted
- Current or potential entrepreneurs in the relevant sectors
- New Entrepreneurs
- Foreign Investors in Services Sector
- Local actors that provide support to entrepreneurs
- Competitive SMEs in the region.

Indicative project selection criteria:
- Activities of new entrepreneurs or new firms in the sectors identified.
- International and export orientation of the initiatives.
- Compatibility with other local initiatives.
- Promotion of products and Services.
- Promotion and use of local infrastructures and support organisations.

Results expected (specify the choice of indicator depending on the type of action):
- New firms’ creation or establishment in the specific fields.
- Potential diversification or differentiation of strategies of local firms
- Networking of local firms and infrastructures.
- Foreign interest for the region concerning investment and new business opportunities
- Internationalisation and extrovert image of the regional firms and actors
- Understanding by local firms of the new positioning of the region.

Cost of the action: € 350, 000
ERDF contribution: € 240,000
Private sector contribution: € 50,000
Public sector contribution: € 60,000




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