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Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

The region of Epirus is characterised mainly by micro-enterprises involved in traditional sectors. In addition, there is a serious shortage of skilful people like middle level executives or newly trained personnel that would take advantage of the new business opportunities. Also a lot of youngsters leave the region to live in other metropolitan centres. However, a new set of infrastructures has been developed that shows that the intellectual capacity of the region is regaining ground. Infrastructures like the University of Epirus, the new Hospital of Ioannina, the Technology Park and a number of other new bodies provide some fresh air and show signs of change. All these bodies are based close to the new transport routes.

The new economic conditions and opportunities should be lead by people who are aware of new challenges. In that way, innovative and flexible training schemes should be developed in order to provide knowledge on the new developments. In addition, the training activities should take into account the results of the study and cluster activities of action 7.1, in order to be able to support the “breeding” of new entrepreneurs.
The sub actions that will be performed are the following:

Sub action 2.1.

To analyse and document the training needs of the new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial activities and which are missing from the training activities (mainly for unemployed), which are included at the ROP. The main topics which will be analysed is innovative training methods for:

  1. Elaboration of business plans
  2. Factors affecting the viability of an enterprise
  3. Good practice in performing in global markets
  4. Marketing and selling technology
  5. Applying innovative management techniques
  6. Searching for funds for new ideas
  7. Cluster analysis and networking
  8. Intra and inter-regional collaboration
  9. Best exploitation of the ROP by local SMEs and potential entrepreneurs
  10. Training manuals

The work of the analysis will focus mainly on the economic areas analysed in action 7.1 i.e. transport networks tourism and ICT.

Sub action 2.2.

Based on the results of the previous sub action a pilot training action will be developed. This will combine the knowledge obtained and that available.
Three training sessions including subjects from sub action 7.2.1 will be developed in three main directions:

  1. Innovative entrepreneurship through new Technologies (INENT)
  2. Innovative entrepreneurship through internationalisation (INEI)
  3. Innovative entrepreneurship through Proven Expertise.(INPE)

In total 120 businessmen (or potential ones) will be trained in a total of 6 alternative training sessions (2 for each subject and in various main cities in Epirus).

The participants will be trained; firstly, on business opportunities created through the use of new technologies in the sectors under analysis; secondly, on the entrepreneurial challenges that internationalisation provides; and thirdly, how to apply innovative management techniques through examples from experienced executives from successful large and small companies from Greece and abroad.

Geographical coverage:
0 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:

Groups targeted
- New entrepreneurs
- Successful entrepreneurs (for diversification of business)
- Extrovert and export oriented firms.
- Firms in services, the new economy and the areas under analysis in 7.1

Indicative project selection criteria:
- New entrepreneurs
- New firms
- Services sector
- Export oriented actors
- Creation of new activities and employment generation.

Results expected (specify the choice of indicator depending on the type of action):
- Training of 120 of existing or potential entrepreneurs.
- Mobilisation of existing entrepreneurs into new activities.
- Awareness and understanding of new entrepreneurs of the new economy in the regions and the new infrastructures.

Cost of the action: € 200,000
ERDF contribution: € 160,000
Private sector contribution: 0
Public sector contribution: € 40,000




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