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Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

Entrepreneurial activities can never be based on public funds. Public Funds can play the role of the initiator but it is private capital that actually creates and develops the new opportunities. Private capital in Epirus does not have strong presence. Except the local entrepreneurs there is not direct or indirect flow of capital coming either from individual entrepreneurs (Business Angels), or corporate investors (mainly large companies) or Venture Capital Funds.

The reason for that is obvious. Lack of entrepreneurial opportunities and new innovative ideas. Also, lack of awareness promotion and marketing of the local potential.

The changes expected are possibly going to change the environment. Investment opportunities as mentioned in action 7.1 and new infrastructures in technology like the Technology park will attempt to support the creation new innovative companies and spin off activities. It is time that potential investors should know about it. The sub actions proposed under 7.3 are the following:

Sub action 3.1.

Creation of guide for innovative investment opportunities in Epirus.

Such a guide is totally absent and will be a tool for every local actor and entrepreneur. The guide will include not only information on the local economy and the business opportunities but also information on real estate, rental facilities availability of space, construction opportunities etc. A full info-guide for a potential entrepreneur. The guide will be updated every year and after the second edition it will be supported through self-financing.

Sub action 3.2.

Visiting schemes for business Angels and Corporate Investors.

The purpose of this sub action is to try to attract potential business Angels and Corporate investors to the region. The action will be based on thematically focused and well-prepared visiting schemes that will be mainly based on the themes selected in actions 7.1 and 7.2 and will also use the results of the business plan competitions and cluster creation. Three visiting schemes are expected to take place, and the preparatory work will be supported through working groups.

Sub action 3.3

Organization of two matching events for Venture Capital Companies. The matching events can be combined with Steering Committee Meetings. Both actions 7.3.2. and 7.3.3. will be developed after the first year of the project. The technology park and the chambers of Commerce will organize the events. The first with a more technical orientation.

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:

Groups targeted
Private investors
Current and potential entrepreneurs

Indicative project selection criteria
Not applicable

Results expected
Investment guide
Visiting Schemes
Matching events
Visits to other financial centers

Cost of the action: 200,000
ERDF contribution: 160,000
Private sector contribution: -
Public sector contribution: 40,000




Added Value
Compatibility & Synergy to other E.U. Policies
Administrative Support
Financial System
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