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Coordinator: University of Ioannina
(Licensed by the approved proposal)

The objective of the pilot action is to develop an e-commerce and information management facility in Epirus, assist 35-40 enterprises to introduce e-commerce into their business activity, and pave the way for introducing e-commerce among the enterprises of the region at a broader scale. The pilot action proposed here stems from the RISI strategy of the region, and complements with the action plan of the region for Information Society that will be funded through the CSF.2000-2006.

In practical terms, the pilot action will comprise the following action lines:

Sub-action 4.1

Design and selection of the e-commerce and information exchange patterns for the region

  • Documentation of e-commerce services and sources of support available in the region (software packages, training materials, grants, etc.).
  • Selection of 35-40 enterprises to participate in the programme and analysis of their needs and capacity to take-up e-commerce. For the needs analysis each enterprise will undergo a diagnostic review to be conducted on site by consultants.
  • Development of the E-Commerce Portal facility and related services. A small staff team will run the Portal facility. The team will also operate as a Support Group for the participating enterprises; it will provide technical assistance, run a help-desk service, distribute information, deliver training, etc.
  • Implementation of the action line to the selected enterprises and use of the national funded programme ‘Get Networked’ for personal web sites development for the participating firms.
  • Testing and evaluation of results

Sub-action 4.2

Development of an awareness raising and training package for the implementation of e-commerce by participating enterprises and further diffusion. On going support.

  • Companies will go first through an awareness raising and training session or sessions. Then they will be given expert technical assistance by the Support Group to develop their own e-commerce service. Once their e-commerce service is operational they will have access on an on-going basis to expert assistance through the help-desk service that the Support group will run.
  • Preparation of accompanying materials. These will include: an analysis and evaluation of the pilot action, including an evaluation of outcomes at the level of the participating enterprise; a follow-up action plan for promoting e-commerce to the enterprises of the region; and a Good Practice Guide for promoting and introduction of e-commerce into small enterprises at regional level.

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:
The Portal will serve the whole of the region. The enterprises that will take part in the pilot action will come from all the four prefectures of the region.

Groups targeted
Small enterprises across the targeted areas

Indicative project selection criteria

  • Active in competitive sectors in the areas selected
  • A minimum level of technical and organizational conditions.
  • Commitment to participate actively in the project;
  • Prepared to contribute to the diffusion of e-commerce

Results expected

  • Operational introduction of e-commerce and site development into the activity of at least 35 small and medium enterprises
  • A fully operational service package for promoting e-commerce in the region. The package should be readily transferable and it will comprise:
  • Common e-commerce facilities,
  • An awareness raising and training package for entrepreneurs combining printed and electronic materials suitable for distance- learning and self-training.
  • A help-desk and technical assistance service to guide and advise enterprises wishing to introduce e-commerce.
  • An action plan for promoting the use of e-commerce by the enterprises of the region, including the expansion of the take-up of the services of the e-commerce facility.
  • A Good Practice Guide for promoting and introduction of e-commerce into small enterprises at regional level

Cost of the action: € 190,000
ERDF contribution: € 152,000
Private sector contribution: 0
Public sector contribution: € 38,000




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