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Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

As innovation is a key factor for the development and implementation of a large part of the Structural Funds and operational programmes in Greece, there is a need to network such activities and results.

The proposed overall programme for EPIRUS aspires to promote innovative entrepreneurial activities in the region. This implies that will not only look at the future through the foresight initiative and the new investment opportunities but it will also use the existing action lines supporting innovation from other programs.

As mentioned before it is important to know how many and which companies are funded for business plan development or R&D work. It is also important to know the companies that are active on international projects and the opportunities they create for the region. The same for the organisations and other local actors.

Synergies for entrepreneurship can be created through an effective combination of policies, which is now absent. As a result the creation of an Innovation Policy Interface Committee next to the Steering Committee and as an advisory tool for the region. The purpose will be to combine information and act as a filter in order to avoid duplication of actions or to stress needs. The role will be pure advisory. The sub actions that will support this activity will be:

Sub action 6.1

Operation of the Committee consisting of 5-7 members. (Region of EPIRUS, BIC, University, 1 Development Company and 1 Chamber) The Committee will meet every three months.

Sub action 6.2

Production of a 10 pages report every 6 months highlighting the threats and opportunities created for innovation policy and promoting synergies.

Sub action 6.3

The Committee will base its work on the creation of 3-5 sub working groups that will work on the collection of information on an on-going basis. The areas of work will be mainly Employment, Training, Technology Infrastructures and Investment Activities.

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:

Groups targeted
Regional actors
Policy makers

Indicative project selection criteria
Not applicable

Results expected
4 reports on synergies, threats and opportunities
Consultation on policy evaluation and formulation
Identification of business opportunities

Cost of the action: 40,000
ERDF contribution: 32, 000
Private sector contribution: 0
Public sector contribution: 8, 000




Added Value
Compatibility & Synergy to other E.U. Policies
Administrative Support
Financial System
Financial Data


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