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Competent Authority

Region of Epirus
Tel.: +30 2651072164
Fax: +30 2651031224
Managing Body
BIC of Epirus
Tel.: +30-2651044447
Fax: +30-2651044467
Paying Body
Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
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Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

The technical assistance for the evaluation of the initiative will also support the performance of an on going and ex-post evaluation. The purpose of the later will aim to control:

  • The evaluation indicators of the output and the results of the program
  • The strict literality of the timetable (on going evaluation)
  • The degree of the funds absorption
  • The impact analysis to local SMEs and participating organizations
  • The support to decision makers concerning the absorption of the structural funds, and
  • The maintenance of the national legislation and the community rules and procedures

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:

Groups targeted
All activities mentioned before

Indicative project selection criteria
Not applicable

Results expected

  • How the program is implemented (on going evaluation)
  • The overall good performance of the program (ex post evaluation)

Cost of the action: 30, 000
ERDF contribution: 15, 000
Private sector contribution: 0
Public sector contribution: 15, 000




Added Value
Compatibility & Synergy to other E.U. Policies
Administrative Support
Financial System
Financial Data


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