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Competent Authority

Region of Epirus
Tel.: +30 2651072164
Fax: +30 2651031224
Managing Body
BIC of Epirus
Tel.: +30-2651044447
Fax: +30-2651044467
Paying Body
Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
Tel.: +30 2651034054
Fax: +30 2651034054




Coordinator: BIC of Epirus

The international collaboration is expected to effectively support the program implementation. More specifically, through the networking with other selected EU regions, the Region of Epirus will be able to gain knowledge of their best practices, to avoid the possible obstacles that may arise during implementation process and to benefit for future collaboration in other projects. This action will involve the establishment of specialized Working Groups that will manage this international collaboration with the other regions, by participating in visiting schemes, exhibitions and workshops and furthermore by establishing close collaboration with the Secretariat.

Geographical coverage:
1 Objective 1 areas: x
0 Objective 2 areas:
0 Areas outside Obj. 1 and 2:

Groups targeted
Participating Innovating Regions

Indicative project selection criteria
Relevance to the work program targets
Regional interests for innovation support

Results expected

  • Visits
  • Participation in Exhibitions/workshops/working groups

Cost of the action: 30, 000
ERDF contribution: 15, 000
Private sector contribution: 0
Public sector contribution: 15, 000




Added Value
Compatibility & Synergy to other E.U. Policies
Administrative Support
Financial System
Financial Data


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