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Region of Epirus
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Managing Body
BIC of Epirus
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Paying Body
Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
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Program Actions

Action 1: New investment opportunities for the creation of new enterprises in the services industry as a result of the new transport facilities and infrastructures in the region.

  • New development perspectives and business creation
  • Pilot Action in 3 key areas
  • Entrepreneurs support (60)
  • Alternatives for the human resources exploitation
  • Regional and Intraregional cooperation

Action 2: Innovative and Flexible methods of training

  • Planning of new training schemes based on entrepreneurs experience
  • Pilot integration and innovative training programs
  • Creation of new-trained enterprises (120)
  • Creation of extrovert strategic thinking for the SMEs
  • Development of the SMEs adroitness for cooperation and networking

Action 3: Effective promotion of private capital

  • Recognizing of investment opportunities (guide) (working groups)
  • Networking
  • Business Angels attraction
  • Matching events (working groups)
  • Presentation to the investors
  • Seminars referring to the private financing mechanisms

Action 4: E-commerce and Information Management

  • Documentation of e-commerce services
  • Selection of 35-40 enterprises in indicated areas and new services
  • Use of national financing programs regarding the websites development (35-40 enterprises)
  • Development of e-commerce support infrastructure
  • Information diffusion training actions
  • Best practice guide

Action 5: Regional foresight exercise

  • Development of a common understanding for the basic threats and opportunities on the next 10-15 years horizon and creation of alternatives for a future development emphasizing on the sectors of Tourism, Transportation and ICT in the following two thematic areas:
    • Epirus as the new link gate with the Western Europe and the role of transport
    • The Impact of EU enlargement on structural and cohesion funds that now constitute a major development source for the region.

Action 6: Interface Committee on Innovation

Action 7: Innovation Week

Action 8: Technical Support in the frame of the program evaluation course

Action 9: International Collaboration




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