BIC of Epirus



Competent Authority

Region of Epirus
Tel.: +30 2651072164
Fax: +30 2651031224
Managing Body
BIC of Epirus
Tel.: +30-2651044447
Fax: +30-2651044467
Paying Body
Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
Tel.: +30 2651034054
Fax: +30 2651034054


Financial System

  • The strategic orientations and development of the project are at the hands of the steering committee. The steering Committee is the controlling body and will be helped by the managing team and international experts in order all actions and payments to comply with the Community rules.
  • The day-to-day management will take place by the managing team. The leader and responsible of the managing team is the BIC of Epirus.
  • The paying body of the project is the Regional Fund for Development of Epirus. It controls all payments. Funds from ERDF and public contribution will be transferred to the Regional Fund bank accounts
  • Any contracting action will take place with the agreement of the steering committee after the submission of a proposal by the management team.
  • Any contractual activity between the project and coordinating organisations will take place between the regional authorities and them.
  • Upon the submission of interim progress reports or advance payments the appropriate funds will be transferred to the coordinating organisations
  • Any contractual agreement between the coordinating organisations and third parties will have the approval of the steering committee and the paying body.
  • No payment can be made to any account, unless, data and invoices are checked by the Regional Fund (controlling Body).
  • Commendation and Operation of the Certification Committee for Progress and Financial Reports regarding the Program ENTI at Epirus region.




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