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The overall E.U. strategy aims at the reinforcement of the European economy competitiveness and innovation based on knowledge.

Today, the variation among regions in the area of Innovation and Research and Technology development as well as in the usage of new information technologies and telecommunications, is vital. In the frame of reducing the above variation the most disadvantageous areas or regions of lag or those that are object to reconstruction, move towards the implementation of new age innovative actions mainly in the fields that carry promising future perspectives.

The forthcoming globalization enhance any form of competition due to grate rates of market fulfillment, that refer to the capital market internationalization, the transactions multiplication and direct investment, the increase of cooperative contracts among enterprises, etc. The transaction to a knowledge based economy and the promotion of new technology use throughout region economies, consist of minor priority.

Enterprises and especially the SMEs that consist the base of regionís production spar, must act providently and adjust in all technological changes that take place in international markets, in any case they desire to be more competitive. In the frame of the new economy, knowledge and know how comprise raw material while the potential of easy and fast access to these is one of the main strategic weapons of competitiveness. Under the circumstances, the human capital is clearly confirmed as a decisive factor while constant training evolve in data towards the innovation development and regional competitiveness improvement.

Due to developing the ability to innovate and adjust in financial alterations, all regions shall obtain a great spot of advantages necessary to reinforce their competitiveness, with the upper goal of reducing the inequalities and creating quality working places.

The reinforcement of bonds among innovative actions and operational programs premises the mechanisms creation that contribute to the efforts of directing the regional policies towards fields of strategic importance for the less developed E.U. regions, such as:

  • Regional economies based on knowledge and technological innovation
  • E-EuropeRegio : the information society at the service of regional development
  • Regional identity and sustainable development.

The Innovative Actions 2000-2006 targets the synergies exploitation among regional policy and other community policies that contributes the reinforcement of business spirit and innovation culture in regional level, the effective implementation of E-Europe Initiative as well as the encouragement of creating a European research area.




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