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Compatibility and Synergy to other E.U. policies

Greece is placed in the regions of first priority by the European Union Structural Funds. In this extend, during this current programmatic period of 2000 – 2006 Greece implements the 3rd Community Support Framework, through 11 sectorial and 13 Regional Operational Programs (ROP). Epirus is actively participating in the 3rd CSF through the implementation of ROP of Epirus 2000 – 2006.

  • More specifically, the strategic goals envisaged by the ROP are the following:
  • The potential use of new infrastructures – transportation projects – that make the region as the “Western Gate”
  • The city of Ioannina and other urban units activation as Regional Units – International Development Centers
  • The appointment and utilization of the natural and cultural reserves of the countryside – utilization of the new prospects of Epirus in the littorals
  • Utilization of the natural and cultural resources of the Region for the tourism development
  • Encouragement of the creation, introduction and utilization of Innovative Actions
  • Harmonization of the interference in the Community Legislation regarding the environmental issues
  • Provision of properly trained human resources adjusted to the new conditions that are formed in Epirus.

The proposed actions of this program will operate in conjunction with the actions of ROP, under the framework of the basic strategic aim of the enlargement role of the region that is stated in the two programs. The connection of the actions of the two programs reflects an opportunity for the maximization of the results, being a multiplying factor for the innovation development in the region, in a complete and cohesive way.

Simultaneously, the proposed actions are related with priority actions of other Operational Programs under the 3rd CSF. More specifically, the Operational Program of the Ministry of Development “Competitiveness and Development” has stated as its basic aims : the reinforcement of the employment and the improvement of the technological skills of the Greek firms. Under these frameworks some actions are financed in the manufacture and services sectors, the research and technology, the tourism sector, power sector and the electronic entrepreneurship.

The Operational Program for the Information Society promotes actions for the enhancement of the economic structure and the employment with the utilization of the new technologies, the promotion of networking of scientific and the technological capacity of the country with the production, the improvement or the integration of the new technologies and innovation in Greek Firms, the improvement of the international competitiveness of the Greek companies based on the high technology and their ability to capital access, the promotion of e-business and e-commerce, the new technology integration in the cultural activities and in public administration and many others.

Information Society (e-Europe):

All proposed actions take into consideration the Community and national initiatives for e-Europe, and the entrance of all services into the information society. The actions are compatible with the application at regional and local level of the “introduction of citizens”, companies and infrastructures into the digital “age”. The actions will use the initiatives promoted by the information society as supportive tools to network the “local areas of excellence”, to identify and apply the pilot activities for new investment opportunities and facilitate and reorient the training mechanisms.


Goal of this proposal is to go one step further from the existing programs and support initiatives. The goal is to mobilize the entrepreneurial world into new directions in order to use the new research infrastructures for development, certification and training. Our proposal promotes the bridging between firm and research and development infrastructures and creates the appropriate mentality for further collaboration into the new Research Areas.


All actions are focused towards the creation of new entrepreneurs, the support of entrepreneurship and the development of the competitiveness of existing firms. Our proposal is very close to the action lines proposed by the “Innovation and SMEs program” for the competitiveness of SMEs, creation of new innovative enterprises and promotion of training for new entrepreneurs. Overall, we expect that the project will efficiently support a further development of an innovation culture in the region.

Equal Opportunities:

The proposal respects all initiatives and measures taken for equal opportunities. It promotes entrepreneurship for both men and women by identifying and developing new areas of action, training and economic growth. In these areas equal opportunities are there by default, and in line with the local protocols for Employment.

Competition – State:

Proposed actions are in line with all competition rules since they do not promote any monopolistic activities and they do not “protect” economic areas.




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