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Competent Authority

Region of Epirus
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Managing Body
BIC of Epirus
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Paying Body
Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
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Program Added Value

Action 1:

  • New firms creation or establishment in specific fields,
  • Potential diversification or differentiation of strategies in local firms,
  • Networking of local firms and infrastructures,
  • Foreign interest for the region concerning investment and new business opportunities,
  • Internationalization and extrovert image of the regional firms and actors,
  • Understanding by local firms of the new region positioning.

Action 2:

  • Training of 120 of existing or potential entrepreneurs,
  • Mobilization of existing entrepreneurs into new activities,
  • Awareness and understanding towards new entrepreneurs for the new economy in the regions and the new infrastructures.

Action 3:

  • Innovation investment guide in Epirus,
  • Visit schemes,
  • Cooperator research,
  • Visits in financial centers.

Action 4:

  • Operational introduction of e-commerce and site development into the activity of at least 35 small and medium enterprises,
  • A fully operational service package for promoting e-commerce in the region. The package should be readily transferable and it will comprise common e-commerce facilities foa all thematic areas,
  • An awareness raising and training package for entrepreneurs combining printed and electronic material suitable for distance learning and self-training,
  • A help-desk and technical assistance service to guide and advice enterprises to guide and advice enterprises wishing to introduce e-commerce,
  • An action plan for the e-commerce use promotion by the enterprises of the region, including the expansion of the take-up of services of the e-commerce facility,
  • A good practice guide for the promotion and introduction of e-commerce into small enterprises at regional level.

Action 5:

  • Main technology and innovation policy directions for the future,
  • Investment opportunities,
  • Alternative future funding resources.

Action 6:

  • Four synergy reports, threats and opportunities,
  • Consultation on policy evaluation and formulation,
  • Identification of business opportunities.

Action 7:

  • Exhibitions, Workshops,
  • Training seminars,
  • Brochures, leaflets,
  • Innovation Week.

Action 8:

  • Periodical evaluation of correct program implementation,
  • Monitoring of correct program implementation.

Action 9:

  • Business Meetings,
  • Participation in Exhibitions, Workshops, and Working groups.




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