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Region of Epirus
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BIC of Epirus
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Regional Fund and Development of Epirus
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Working Groups

The purpose of the Working Groups existence will be to provide the region of Epirus, after the end of all discussion sessions, with a clear view on the technological future opportunities based on forthcoming innovative activities. A main target will be the creation of a framework of directions that may support regional authorities to design innovation policy and provide local enterprises effective future planning processes.

The awareness raising and results diffusion will be based on wider discussions that would allow citizens to become more familiar with terms of technology and innovation. The work will be based upon three main sectors and two main issues:

The Sectors are:

The Issues are:

  • Epirus and the new link gate with Western Europe and the role of transport and services industry,
  • The impact of EU enlargement on structural and cohesion funds that now constitute a major development source for the region.

The following methodology will be implemented:

  • Call for interest for participating in the working groups
  • Selection of the working groups
  • Presentation of the baseline document
  • 1st round discussion
  • Diffusion of the draft of the Thematic Working Groups
  • 2nd round of Discussions
  • Diffusion of the final report of the discussions
  • Final report
  • Conference organization

The coordination will be conducted by one person, while 2 experts will participate in order to provide specific directions for the issues and sectors mentioned above. Representatives from both private and public organizations will be participants in this effort.

Tourism, Transport and ICT (Information & Telecommunication Technologies)

The above sectors are selected due to specific regional characteristics. In a few words we may report that:

  • The geographical location of the region and strong possibilities for growth (the new link gate with Western Europe, mainly through its port in Igoumenitsa where the Egnatia Highway ends)
  • Ioannina and other urban configuration presence in the broader area (management-training centers-educational centers-hospital care, etc) and their possibilities of development (Regional-International Growth Pole)
  • The University of Ioannina and the Technological Educational Institution of Epirus that are primary factors for R&D promotion and innovative activities diffusion in the regional economy
  • The rich natural and cultural environment

Due to these it is quite obvious that the whole regional map is changing and expectations for new investment and entrepreneurial opportunities are high. This has resulted to the selection of the above sectors that are rapidly grown in a regional level.






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