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ICT - Working Group


Dimitris Fotiadis

The aim of this thematic network is to report on the use and application of Information and Communication Technologies in the business sector in the region of Epirus. The strategic goal is to study and analyze business opportunities and entrepreneurial challenges that are derived from the innovation of information and telecommunication technologies.

The aim of the thematic network will be accomplished through the study of available info- and infrastructure in the region of Epirus and the review of national and international best practices in the business sector. Finally, a methodological protocol will be outlined, in order to acquire all required information and provide the bases for concrete proposals for future applications in the area of ICT innovation in Epirus.


Theodoros Apostolopoulos, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Ioannis Garofalakis, Professor, University of Patras
Dimitrios Zaharakis,
Konstantinos Platis, Head of the Computer Center- University of Ioannina
Ioannis Daskalopoulos, Head of chamber of Commerce in Ioannina
Konstantina Baga
Dora Nanou

Participants: List
10-06-2020 03-12-2020 17-12-2020
Outcomes: Thematic Network on Information and Communication Technologies in the region of Epirus

The methodology that will be followed consists of the following three steps:

  • Creation of a questionnaire for local SMEs. The questionnaire will be targeted to the user needs of ICT solutions, will be distributed and filled in 30 interested parties.
  • The analysis of the questionnaire results will be accompanied by a study of best practices and current strategies in the business sectors at a European level
  • And finally, proposals and future plans will be drawn for the efficient application of ICT innovative solution in the region of Epirus.






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