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Tourism - Working Group


John Swarbrooke, MSc BA(Hons) FTS
Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management

School of Sport and Leisure Management Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus, Howart Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK

Tel: +44 114 225 3976, Fax: +44 114 225 2881

The new project will focus on new innovative approaches to marketing Epirus as a tourist destination. It will have a number of concrete outcomes, as follows:

  • An up-to-date SWOT Analysis for Epirus and for the 4 prefectures.
  • Several detailed case studies from elsewhere in Europe which offer potential lessons for Epirus
  • A programme of proposed actions
  • Suggested areas for potential new tourism businesses
  • A detailed checklist for how to be a successful tourism enterprise.
  • A business plan competition for enterprises and clusters.

The project will operate with the support of a working group made up of representatives of the local tourism industry and community.
The project coordinator will be John Swarbrooke of Sheffield Hallam University in the U.K. He has worked on tourism projects in many countries in Brazil, France, Indonesia, Palestine, Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria. John has also worked in Greece on many projects. He has been involved in Epirus projects since 1999 and will visit the region several times during this project.



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The project has been carried out in accordance with the following methodology:

  • visits to the region by the project coordinator in March for 3 days, from 26-30 April [5 days], 14-18 June [5 days] and 26-29 September [4 days]
  • the setting up of a working group which contributed ideas and information to the project. The working group represented the public and private sectors and all four Prefectures, including the four Chambers of Commerce
  • the working group met on 5 separate occasions with a set agenda and notes were made of the results of the meetings. These notes then informed the work of the Project Coordinator
  • two thematic workshops were held on 30 April and 18 June on the theme of e-commerce in tourism with presentations by representatives of the University of Ioannina and the University of the Aegean
  • Data, as required by the Project Coordinator, was collected and provided by BIC Epirus
  • Research on case studies was carried out personally by the Project Coordinator

An important part of the methodology was the programme of visits made by the project coordinator to a wide range of tourism organisations and sites, to gather information. These visits were in addition to previous visits made by the Project Coordinator to the whole region between Spring 1999 and Summer 2003.

The visits in April 2004, June 2004, and September 2004, included :

  • The Prefectures in Arta, Ioannina, Preveza, and Thesprotia
  • EOT Offices, Ioannina
  • The Chambers of Commerce in Arta, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Preveza
  • The Municipality of Metsovo
  • Parga investigating the product and market and the excursions offered by local travel agents
  • Nikopolis archaeological site, Preveza
  • Amvrakikos Gulf wetlands including the museum and environmental education centre in Koprena
  • The Preveza-Igoumenitsa coast road
  • TEI tourism department, Igoumenitsa
  • The new and old ports of Igoumenitsa
  • Hotel Bourazani, Konitsa
  • Hotel Galaxy, Metsovo
  • GHS Female Agrotourism Cooperative, Anatoli, Ioannina
  • KEPAVI Silver Crafts Cooperative, Ioannina
  • Glinavos Winery, Zitsa
  • Zagoria Villages
  • Robinson Expeditions, Kipi

The Project Coordinator also attended a meeting of the Cluster which has recently been established, comprising enterprises from Zagoria, Ioannina, and the Municipalities of Konitsa and Metsovo. This meeting provided an opportunity for the Project Coordinator to advise the Cluster and find out more about their plans.

At the same time, the Project Coordinator carried out research on the tour operators who already bring groups to Epirus.

The first step in the process of delivering the outcomes of the project was the SWOT Analysis covering the whole region.






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