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Ioannina, 2nd of June 2004.


THEME: Invitation to the Working Group:
“Entrepreneurship Through Innovation in Epirus in Transports”


We invite you to participate in the Transports Working Group that acts in the frame of the ENTI program (Entrepreneurship Through Innovation in Epirus).

Aim of this Working Group will be the development & diffusion of concrete innovative practices that may become the background of the regional policy design in Transports while on the other hand may contribute towards the development and promotion of innovative business ideas of Tourism interest, in order to contribute to the local market upgrade.

The second meeting of the Working Group, with the coordination of Dr Ioannis Paravantis, Lecturer at the Universities of Peiraias & Ioannina,
will take place at BIC of Epirus facilities (Science & Technology Park of Epirus – University Campus of Ioannina),
on Tuesday the 8th of June, at 10:00 p.m.


The qualified person for
the program Administration & Implementation

A small compensation
shall be given
to all participants


Mrs Katerina – Fillipou Keramida





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