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Transports - Working Group


John A. Paravantis

Department of Technology Education and Digital Systems
University of Piraeus

Office 440, tel. +30 210 4142771
Mobile +30 697 3048824

In the area of transport, we intend to

  • (a) document borderline conditions (using results of the FINESTRA 2002 mobility study) that differ greatly among different areas in Epirus and survey business motives and barriers,
  • (b) link these data to a SWOT analysis for the region of Epirus,
  • (c) suggest investment opportunities that address established problems and enhance strengths and
  • (d) transform these findings into policy and innovation actions that create new opportunities for Epirus.

Our work team includes a coordinator, thematic experts and work group participants that will work on a schedule that includes six monthly working group meetings, two workshops and dissemination activities including a business plan competition and an innovation week. It is expected that individual entrepreneurs, businesses and local as well as clusters of businesses will benefit from our work, locally as well as in the wider Adriatic Region and Southern Europe.

  • Dr Panagiotis Demestixas (Teacher, University of Peiraias) expert at e-business
  • Dr Nikitas Asimakopoulos, (Teacher, University of Peiraias) expert at virtual enterprises
  • Nikolaos Dimitriou, Giouli Kritikou and Argiris Tzikopoulos, (Postmaster Students, University of Peiraias) Working Team
Participants: List
27-04-2020 08-06-2020 25-06-2020
20-12-2020 13-01-2021  
The Transport Committee of Innovative Actions of ENTI, investigated the Epirus market in order to develop and propose innovative measures and actions related to the provision of transport services in order to enhance entrepreneurial activity in the region. A study carried out in 2002 by the same team in the context of the FINESTRA project, collected and analyzed data from 50 questionnaires in order to record and prioritize transportation-related problems that local businesses usually face. This study collected a further 36 questionnaires from businesses, professional organizations, municipal authorities and parties of the state sector, in order to (a) survey a wider range of problems hindering innovation in the region and (b) link many of these problems to transportation-related issues that ought to be addressed in order to boost regional entrepreneurial action.
Tools: Collection & elaboration of 50 questionnaires






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