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The Epirus part

The region of Epirus participates in the following three (3) themes of the project:

  1. TRANSPORT & MOBILITY: (partner responsible - University of Ioannina)
  2. ECO - TOURISM: (partner responsible - Epirus S.A.)
  3. INSTRUMENTS OF FINANCE: (partner responsible - BIC of Epirus)

Due to its special geographical position, the region of Epirus is of critical importance for the unhindered transportation (of goods and passengers etc.) on the west-Eastern axis. Epirus is one of the junctions places for the whole Greece.
It is obvious that with this realization of large-scale projects of combined transportation, Epirus will play critical role in Greece. The actions of European Community for the modernization of transportation in the European, and especially in the wide Balkan region consists a nice coincidence, in this period of the finestra implementation.

The work in the finestra project will focus on the European Community transport policy, in connection with the inter-connected networks, and the development of inter-connecting transportation through the region. Also special attention will be given to the research and development in less environmental polluting and safer transportation means which could be used in the region.

The working group of transport and mobility includes the regions of Umbria, Vale do Ave, South Ireland as well (Umbria is the "leading partner")

Eco tourism is the sector of activity with the highest potentials for development and growth in the region of Epirus. In the 3rd regional structural fund (3rd S.F.), currently in the final stage of approval, alternative tourism is one of the primary objectives for development and growth.

The region combines unique landscape, traditional life, architect, as well as beautiful, and historical places to visit, and an unpolluted environment. Epirus, the land of bridges, offers great opportunities for all kinds of alternative tourism activities. The basic infrastructure, the telecommunication network, and the unexplored history and tradition are the existing conditions on which alternative tourism is currently in the first developing stages.

The working group of tourism includes the regions of Vale do Ave, and South Ireland as well (Vale Do Ave is the "leading partner").

The SMEs funding programs of the 2nd structural fund included some disadvantages for the regional companies. As an example, the regulation, which prohibited grants and incentives to SMEs, which had gross sales or number of employees less than a certain threshold, was a drawback for the region's development. Through the Finestra project an effort should be made to investigate "alternative incentive programs" which will allow effective co funding of innovative actions for the regional SMEs. The experience and the know how of the other regions will be very helpful in this effort. The suggested measures and actions will be implemented through the 3rd structural fund, which will be in the implementation phase during the next 6 years.

The working group of instruments of finance includes all partners of the project, with Europrogetti & Finanza the leading partner.