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Steering Committee (members)

1. PAVLOS PAPADOPOULOS (Secretary General, Region of Epirus),
2. CHRISTOS MASSALAS (Rector of the University of Ioannina),
3. PANAGIOTHS FLOROS ( President of Board of Director of BIC Epirus),
4. NIKOLAOS MANTIS (Representative of EPIRUS S.A.).


Management Unit

The legal responsible of the project, at local level, is Mr. Ilias Liakopoulos, Secretary General, Region of Epirus:

The management unit of the project at local level has the following members:

  1. Mrs E. Papanikolaou:
    (member of the comite de pilotage of the program)
    Representative of the Region of Epirus
  2. Mrs. Katerina Filippou - Keramida:
    Representaive of the BIC of Epirus
  3. Dr. D. Fotiadis:
    Representative of the University of Ioannina
  4. Mr N. Mantis:
    Representative of Epirus S.A..

Management Unit Meetings


Project Financing

The total budget of the Finestra project is 3.38 million Euro, (ERDF contribution: 2.27 million euro).

The amount which corresponds to the Greek participation is 280.000 Euro and it is mainly coming from:
Total amount: 280.000 Euro
ERDF contribution: 196.000 Euro (70%)
Partner's contribution: 84.000 Euro (30%)
(The amount of 25.200 Euro represents the Europrogetti & Finanza's fee for its services as the interregional Coordinator).

BIC of Epirus has undertaken, at local level, the financial management of the project, (Responsible: Mrs Katerina Filippou - Keramida).